Activity 5: Structuring and leadership of a multi-partner network of exchanges and scientific expertise in the Indian Ocean region

The last activity of the BIOVA project consists in the creation of a regional network of scientific research on the evaluation and sustainable management of biomass and soils within the crop-livestock systems. The network aims to strengthen the cooperation and the scientific collaboration at regional (Indian Ocean) and international level (France, Belgium) through the mutualisation of skills and provision of common tools and methods of research.

This activity includes:

  • the organisation of workshops and missions for exchange and expertise at regional level. The network must develop a dynamic at regional level able to strengthen the skills of the stakeholders in the agriculture and livestock sector development. Therefore, several workshops will be regularly organised in order to favour the exchange and knowledge sharing between the different partners of the activity. These workshops will be addressed to technicians, professionals and engineers of different partner countries. The implementation of the workshops will be carried out by senior experts;
  • the organization of degree courses (tertiary level and doctoral theses). The network also aims to design a training offer at regional level capable of strengthening the skills of the future scientific workforce through the enlargement of reception facilities for the students of the tertiary level and doctorates. The degree courses will appeal to students who are finishing their Engineer License, Master II, and PhD inscribed in the Universities of Madagascar and Mozambique. The students will participate in the actions of census survey, standardization of databases, collection of data and validation of analysis tools and methods. Supervision and mentoring of student work will be provided by teachers and researchers partners of this action point;
  • the development and implementation of a collaborative website. A collaborative platform, accessible via the Internet by all the partners will be developed and translated into two languages (French and Portuguese). This platform will be used to facilitate the daily exchanges between the partners of the action. It will make it possible for all the partners to have access, to the tools (software, calibrations), databases (contact of partners, production systems) and documents (reports, minutes, publications) produced by the activities of the action. Its access will be controlled by username and password. A monitoring system for scientific and technical information on the theme of the action will also be made available to the partners.

The development of the platform and its implementation on-line will be provided by a service provider in Madagascar in consultation with the multimedia team of the department of information systems of CIRAD, which already manages several collaborative platforms via the Internet.

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